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U.S. Post Office
Ansonia, CT

Here's some pictures of the Post Office in Ansonia CT. It's located on the East side of Main Street. As you can see the building is pretty historical.

The Post Office is right on Main St, but there is not much parking. The only spots to park are in front of the building, but there is a municipal lot on the street in back, then you have to walk to the front of the Post Office.

Ansonia Post Office

Also, the last time I was there, I found out you can get a passport at the city hall next door. Perfect, because they don't do that in Shelton anymore.

Ansonia CT Post Office

You can pick up an application for a Passport at the City Hall 2 doors down, to the right of the Post Office. They accept applications (take 2 pictures at Walmart for 10 bucks, 2 forms of ID plus birth certificate and old passport) every day from 9am to 4pm, but on Fridays, 9am to 3pm.

She also said it generally takes 6 weeks to get it.

The fee is like close to a $100. but I'm not sure yet whether they just take cash or what. I'll be getting my Passport next week and I'll tell you what happens.

Update: Here's what happened when I went to get my passport. She said I filled out the wrong application (the orange one), and she gave me the purple one for passports that have been expired less than 5 yrs. Which mine expired in 2002. Then she said I could mail it in to the Passport Office, and save myself the $30.00 charge that city hall charges you.

So if you have your expired passport, and it hasn't been more than 5 years expired, then you have to mail it in to the Pittsburg Passport Agency, and enclose a check for $67.00.

On a side note, the Ansonia Post Office does passport applications, but it is by appointment only, so you are better off just going to the City Hall. Also, because I had my expired passport, I didn't need my birth certificate after all, just my driver's license.

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