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Daddios Auto Parts Salvage
Seymour, Connecticut

There are a few used auto salvage lots in the valley, and Daddio's Auto Parts is one that we frequent the most.

For a long time I thought that Daddio's was located in Ansonia, but come to find out they are considered a Seymour business. That's the thing about living in the valley, you can cross a street and be in a different town.

When I went to Daddios, I asked them if they had a website, and they said they weren't big enough. But, I get tired of looking up their phone number, and I keep forgetting what time they close on Saturday.

So, I made a page for them, and I don't have to look them up in the phone book anymore.

Hours they are open:
Their hours are 8-5 Monday through Friday... 8-12 on Saturday
Phone number:

Daddios Auto Parts

Here's some more Auto Salvage and Parts Places I located, but I know there are some in West Haven, because I pass them on I-91. Hopefully all these phone numbers are right too.

Bloomfield CT - Georges Auto Parts - Late model
Phone: 203-335-9665 - Toll Free: 800-446-2244
Colchester CT - M&J Auto Recycling
Phone: 860-537-5002
East Hartford CT - A & B Auto Salvage, Inc.
Phone: 860-528-2124 - Toll Free: 800-346-6318
Guilford CT - RJ`S - Older Chevy's
Phone: 203-676-8587
Hartford CT - Auto Parts Depot
Phone: 860-522-1104 - Toll Free: 888-522-1104
Middletown CT - Bishop's Used Auto Parts - late model foreign, domestic
Phone: 860-346-2336 - Toll Free: 800-634-8733
Middletown CT - Pandolfe`s Auto Parts, Inc. - Domestic Cars and Trucks.
Phone: 860-347-3343 - Toll Free: 800-952-5784
Milford CT - Milford Auto Recycling
Phone: 203-878-0645
New Hartford CT - Stewart`s Used Auto Parts
Phone: 860-379-7541 - Toll Free: 800-726-0871
Norwalk CT - LeBlanc's Auto Parts
Phone: 230-878-0645 - Toll Free: 800-882-6354
Salem CT - Sid`s Used Auto Parts
Phone: 860-859-0000 - Toll Free: 800-962-0712
Seymour CT - Seymour Auto Wrecking Inc.
Phone: 203-888-2527 - Fax: 203-888-3387
Somers CT - Levelle's Auto Recyclers
Phone: 860-749-3705
South Norwalk CT - Lajoie's Auto Parts
Phone: 203-866-6650 - Toll Free: 800-448-1399
Southington CT - Chuck & Eddies Used Auto Parts
Phone: 860-628-9684 - Toll Free: 800-423-8353
Terryville, CT - Terryville Auto Parts
Phone: 860-827-8036 - Toll Free: 800-834-5890
Terryville, CT - Webster`s Used Auto Parts
Phone: 860-589-3010 - Toll Free: 800-692-1231
Waterbury CT - Reidville Used Auto Parts
Phone: 203-754-8100
Waterbury CT - Waterbury Auto Salvage Incorporated
(203) 754-2189 55 Eagle St Waterbury, CT 06708
Waterbury CT - Tom`s Foreign Auto Parts, Inc.
Waterbury CT - Conn. Used Parts & Auto Wrecking
West Haven CT - Motorcycle Salvage
Phone: 203-933-1600 or 203-937-7535
Torrington CT - Ricks Auto Parts
Phone: 860-489-4173 - Toll Free: 800-404-4179

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