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Banco's Music Store
Ansonia, CT

This is a picture of Bancos music store in Ansonia, Connecticut. This is a small store, but it is full of all kinds of musical instruments. When you walk into this music store, you're surrounded by all kinds of speakers, and keyboards, and hanging from the ceiling are all kinds of guitars, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, and beginners guitars. It's amazing.

Bancos Music Store Ansonia

Our son plays an electric guitar, it's a Fender, and for Christmas we wanted to get him a nice speaker. Everytime I go to Banco's the owner gives us free picks for the guitar. The owner also offered guitar lessons to my son, but this will have to wait.

Anyway, to keep things short, this is what Bancos music store looks like, and is located right off of Main Street Ansonia, CT. Not hard to find at all. Park right in the front of the store.

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